Pozdrav iz Banjaluke!





             The river Vrbas emerges from two springs located at 1,700 m of altitude, on the south-west slopes of mountain Zec, and it flows into the river Sava, near Srbac, at 86 m of altitude. It overcomes the height difference of about 1,600 m by its flow, 240 km long.

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Old postcards of Banjaluka
1897-1941 |  First postcards - Lithographies
Panoramic views of town  |  Kastel Fortress   |  Gornji Šeher | Marketplace
Through the streets of  Banjaluka  | Down Gospodska Street  | Schools of  Banjaluka
Religious facilities  |  Public facilities  | Hotels and cafes  |  Railway stations
Foundations of Banjaluka industry  |  River called Vrbas

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