Pozdrav iz Banjaluke!




            The first series of postcards of Banjaluka are of a composite form with decorative ornaments in the line with the dominant Sezession at that time. They are popularly called litografije, medaljonke or gruserice. The motifs on the first postcards are drawn according to the photographs and printed by lithographic or chromolithographic technique. In this technique, the background is a polished stone plate made from lime slate, of fine porousness, 6–15 cm thick, on which the motifs of the postcard are drawn.

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Old postcards of Banjaluka
1897-1941 |  First postcards - Lithographies
ic views of town  |  Kastel Fortress   |  Gornji Šeher | Marketplace
Through the streets of  Banjaluka  | Down Gospodska Street  | Schools of  Banjaluka
Religious facilities  |  Public facilities  | Hotels and cafes  |  Railway stations
Foundations of Banjaluka industry  |  River called Vrbas

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