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         The fortress Kastel presents an extraordinary value and specific landmark of the town. The strategic position of Kastel, determined by its geographic position on the raised area between the two rivers, Vrbas and Crkvena, shows that it was used in all epochs as a defensive position. Continuity of the settlement and the fortress, at the location where it stands, can be seen from Neolithic period through ancient Early-Slavic times and the Middle Ages to modern time.
          The walls of the fortress are about 2 meters wide and 6–8 meters high, and inside the fortress there are many underground halls, storehouses and other military facilities.

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Old postcards of Banjaluka
1897-1941 |  First postcards - Lithographies
Panoramic views of town  |  Kastel Fortress   |  Gornji Šeher | Marketplace
Through the streets of  Banjaluka  | Down Gospodska Street  | Schools of  Banjaluka
Religious facilities  |  Public facilities  | Hotels and cafes  |  Railway stations
Foundations of Banjaluka industry  |  River called Vrbas

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